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Veryfy is a suite of products for securing correspondence, documents, attestations, agreements, probates, tenders, fiduciary instruments and obligations. Veryfy’s revolutionary document integrity security system breaks with all currently existing document protection platforms by compressing infrastructure requirements to the point of insignificance. By relying on para-locators and annotative referencing a rigorous degree of integrity assurance is achieved without requiring any complex training and resourcing commitments on the part of the individual or corporate user.

Veryfy is a real-time cloud-based document authentication solution. It is both device and platform agnostic. All it requires is a mobile connection and sends results within 5 seconds. It also has capabilities to Seal all your correspondence and back them with the blockchain assurance, preventing forgery and misrepresentation of your organization.


Device and Platform Agnostic
Fully Cloud Hosted
Blockchain Capabilities

Some use cases of Veryfy is for securing correspondence, documents, attestations, agreements, certificates, diplomas, college transcripts, licenses, title deeds, forensic instruments, warrants, passes, tickets, permits, invoices, receipts, probates, tenders, proposals, securities, consents, endorsements, leaves, fiduciary instruments, identity cards and tokens, and contracts. 



Helps secure your documents from unauthorized persons


Helps to authenticate the genuineness of documents

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Offers a secure storage for documents


Provides an authentic backup option if an original file is lost or falsified